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Q’s & A’s on new Veritas space:

Q: Where?

A: 2193 and 2199 N. Decatur Road, Decatur, GA 30033. One of our priorities is to stay near the Emory Campus so that we could continue to minister to the students there. This location is just 2 tenths of a mile east of the intersection of Clairmont Rd. and N. Decatur Rd, and 9 tenths of a mile from both the Emory main campus and the Clairmont campus. Another priority was finding a space that would keep us in the same general area as our last space. This location is 3 miles east of our last site.

Q: Have we purchased the new space? 

A: Not yet. We’re actually pursuing two spaces that are side by side, one (2193) for worship and the other (2199) for children’s space, office space, and miscellaneous meeting space. We have a contract on one space and we are negotiating on the other.

Q: What happens next?

A: We have the property at 2193 N. Decatur Road under contract for $435,000. We have 60 days to arrange financing and conduct due diligence, including getting county approval for using the property as a church (the current zoning allows that use, but we need a variance from some of the specific requirements for such a property). Assuming we can get that done, we would close 30 days later — around mid-July. At that point, we could begin renovating the building for our use.

We are also negotiating to buy the building next door at 2199 N. Decatur Road. Those negotiations entail not only price but the timeline for purchasing and moving into the building, so we have yet to determine how and when we would proceed if we can agree on a price with the seller. There also are some existing tenants whose leases would end before we close on the building, although it’s possible some or all of them could stay in the space for a limited period of time after closing. Our idea is to use this building for Team Kid classrooms, offices and storage.  We are asking for 90 days of due diligence with this building and another 90 days before closing; this is because we plan to apply in August for a grant that could cover all or most of the purchase price and cost of renovation.

Q: Can you describe the buildings?

A: 2193 is a brick building formerly used as a doctor’s office, and it’s about 3,000 square feet with several small rooms.

2199 is a two story building divided into five units, each with its own door and HVAC units. The building is about 5,800 square feet in all.

Q: In terms of size, how does these building compare to our last space on S. Ponce de Leon Rd.?

A: The two buildings together would give us about 25 percent more space than we had in our old building on S. Ponce.)

Q: How much renovation will be required?

A: For 2193, we will need to gut the building to open it up. That’s because we envision using that building as a sanctuary, probably with dual use as a fellowship hall when, for example, we have lunches after worship service.

For 2199: We envision a covered walkway between it and the sanctuary building, and we might also enclose some of the open spaces that are now walkways or stairways. Compared to the other building, it shouldn’t require as much renovation to get it ready for the uses we have in mind.

Q: Is there enough parking?

A:  Parking is limited, but we are applying for a variance that will create considerably more. We’re also going to talk to Emory about using parking spaces at the complex two doors down.

Q: When can we actually move in?

A: A reasonable goal is to begin using 2193 N. Decatur Space (the worship space) by Nov. 1, 2014.

Regarding 2199 N. Decatur Space (children’s space and office space): assuming a closing date in late October or early November, we should be able to begin using some of the space immediately while we renovate other parts. A reasonable goal would be to have most or all of the space renovated and in use by next spring.

So I thought I’d give an update. I am recovering at home after being treated in the hospital for Guillain-Barré syndrome. (I am so happy to be home with my family!) It’ll take some time for my nerves to heal and for me to regain my strength, but I should make a full recovery. I’m so thankful for those who have supported us and encouraged us during this. We love you guys!

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Church Family,


Many of you know Brandon, Wendy and their awesome boy Rowan. Wendy has been hospitalized since Wednesday, and the working diagnosis is Guillain-Barré, a disorder that causes general weakness and some paralysis. As you can imagine, this has been a trying time. Some individuals are working with Wendy and Brandon to list the ways we can support them. First on the list, is prayer. Pray that Wendy will be healed and that God will give peace to Brandon, Wendy, and Rowan. Second, sign up for Mealbaby and bring the Wason’s a meal:
Please click on this mealbaby link and either sign in or create an account to view the registry for the Wason’s
There will be other opportunities, so stay tuned.

The Lineberry’s are hosting an Easter egg hunt on April 12th at 10 am. Bring your little ones and join the fun at

2449 Harrington drive
Decatur, GA 30033

We will have snacks and refreshments.
We will also have several craft and activities for the kids including an Easter egg hunt.:)
We ask that people bring a dozen stuffed easter eggs per child that will be hunting.

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