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Get to know the other magnificent men at Veritas. Compete to be the 2015 Magnificent Man.

Sundays this summer.

Times/Locations TBA.


Full Schedule: 

Get to know the other magnificent men at Veritas. Compete to be the 2015 Magnificent Man.

Sundays this summer.

Times/Locations TBA.

June 7: Wings/Braves at Decatur Taco Mac, 1:30

June 14: Bocce Tournament, 6pm at Glen Lake Park

June 28: Grill/Jurassic World

July 12: Bowling at Midtown Bowl

July 26: Serve at New Building (2x points)

August 9: Board Game Night

August 22 (Sat): Hike

August 23-29: Voting Open on Epic Service Challenge

August 30: Presenting the 2015 Magnificent Man


Scott Camp20 (10 bonus points for eating a full order of habanero wings)

Brent Lineberry20 (10 bonus points for habanero wings, 1 bonus point for finishing first, -1 point for groveling)

David Slagle16 (1 bonus point for wearing Braves apparel, 5 for eating an extra cup of ranch dressing…. yuck!)

Brandon Wason12 (1 bonus point for Braves apparel plus one more for actually caring about the Braves game)

Jack Slagle12 (2 bonus points for TWO pieces of Braves apparel)

Thomas Daniel11 (1 point for getting there first)

Zack Stepp11 (1 point because they forgot his wings)

John Tatum10

Wes Pomeroy10

Jon Potter10

Taco Mac0 (because “they’re all IPAs”)


Suggestion box Suggestions have arisen regarding the integrity of the Magnificent Man scorekeeper for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014. Further suggestions, complaints, comments can be submitted to the suggestion box pictured to the right. Be assured that your suggestions, complaints and comments will be kept in the strictest confidence

May Babies!!!

Gabriel McKenzie joined us in May. 11 POUNDS 4 OUNCES! Welcome, Gabriel! Congratulations, McKenzies!
Mckenzie (no “a”, small “k”) joined us in May! Welcome, Mckenzie! Congratulations, Panellas!

If you didn’t get to participate in the last Veritas-Kiva opportunity to help people around the world, join in this time. We’ll be helping people start businesses and repair homes that have been destroyed. You can join the Veritas Team by clicking here.

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