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Fellowship Meal Stock photo
We’ll have a covered dish meal immediately after worship this Sunday. If you would, please bring two covered dishes, and stay and eat!
If you’ve moved since last November, please contact Gwynn so that we can send end of year statements to the correct address

We’re moving soonheading1

2193 N. Decatur Rd. Decatur, GA, 30033. That’s the new address. Our first Sunday at Fernbank was Dec. 1, 2014. It’s possible that our first Sunday at our new location will be Dec. 6, 2015, but our move date is still TBA. Please read on for helpful information.

Please exercise great caution when turning out onto N. Decatur Rd, particularly when turning left. We are exploring the possibility of hiring an off duty police officer to be present after worship on Sundays, but know that N. Decatur Rd. is a busy four lane road and traffic moves quickly. I would recommend simply turning right. If your destination is west, turn right out of the parking lot and then left at Clairmont Circle or right at Superior Avenue. See map below.

We have a limited number of parking spaces, but parking attendants will be present to direct the flow of traffic. Parking spaces directly in front of the Sanctuary building will be reserved for visitors and disabled persons, but parking will also be available behind the Sanctuary building, and behind and in front of Building X (that’s our other building, and I don’t know what to call it yet and Building X sounds kind of awesome). Parking is also available two doors down at the Emory Genetics Lab at 2165 N. Decatur Rd. (pictured below). Please do not park anywhere else or I’ll get unhappy phone calls.

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