The Whole Gospel: Good News for the Weary Christian

Are you weary?  Jesus said “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” More than a few Christians feel like they accepted Jesus’ invitation only to feel more weary and more burdened. They could say:

  • I feel tired. Sometimes I find myself wondering “Does this work?”
  • The closer I try to get to God, the further, it seems, I drift away.
  • The list never ends. There’s always some way I need to improve: prayer, Bible study, more books to read and more people to serve. I don’t feel like I can ever do enough. I buy a movie ticket and feel like God is saying, “You could have used that money to feed the poor.”
  • I keep messing up and I know God must be disappointed in me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really a Christian at all.

Frustration grows and passion diminishes. Some consider severing whatever connection to Jesus and the church they might have had. Some hang on with a commitment to try harder, but they feel skeptical of any real change. If this describes you, there is good news. You can discover the whole gospel – not just a ticket to heaven, but a life-changing power that bears fruit: freedom from captivity to sin, a growing desire for God and a heart to serve others.* Join us in the coming weeks on Sunday morning at 10:30 as we discover why Paul called the gospel “the power of God”. 

*The Gospel: Rediscovering the Power that made Christianity Revolutionary” by J.D. Greear

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