The important aspects of a church culture are hard to put into objective words. To try to communicate a sense of what this church is like, here is a note from someone who attends Veritas:

“I have been attending Veritas for a little over three years. While many of the faces have changed in that time, the type of people to come through has remained remarkably consistent. The common characteristic of the people I’ve known through Veritas has been a genuine interest others.

That’s not to say that everyone is incredibly warm and charming and sociable, though some are like that. What’s striking is that–whether someone is timid or bold, reserved or outgoing, shy or confident–people at Veritas seem to find a way to communicate that they care.

I’ve had people invite me over to their home for dinner. I’ve noticed people who, with no expectation of recognition, quietly serve both individuals and the church body as a whole. I’ve received encouraging emails and small thoughtful gifts.

Many have invited me to share in their interests or hobbies when I expressed some interest. I’ve been taught how to taste beer, how to play a favorite board game, and how to watch soccer. I’ve gotten lessons on making great barbecue, a dozen great book recommendations, and at least as many album, movie, and restaurant invitations.

I’ve been hugged and thanked and invited and greeted and fed and welcomed and helped and listened to and served by people of myriad ages and backgrounds and personalities.

Veritas has let me know and befriend people that I would never otherwise had a chance to meet, and while the clear sense of love is the common theme, the people also happen to be as fun and interesting and sharp as any other group I’ve ever been around.”

While visiting a church for the first time is often challenging, we hope this note above at least gives you a sense of who else will be there when you come. You won’t necessarily be overwhelmed with amazing people doing amazing things when you walk through the door, but you are likely to find a warm and inviting gathering of genuine people.